Here are some news about the German TEMPEST. Enjoy

Wanna hear some TEMPEST songs?? Visit us at Bandcamp: Tempest at Bandcamp
Wanna see some TEMPEST ;-)?? Try „Control the World“

The following TEMPEST-shows are confirmed :-):

03. ,04. May ’19 – A Chance For Metal – Festival, JUZ Live-Club, Andernach
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16. December ’18 – X-mas Party, Rock Cafe, Wittingen

12., 13. May ’17 – Metalheadz Open Air, Oberndorf am Lech (Bayern)
Metalheadz on facebook
Metalheadz Homepage

30. June ’17 – Metal Frenzy, Gardelegen (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Metal Frenzy on facebook
Metal Frenzy Homepage

16. December ’17 – X-mas Party, Rock Cafe, Wittingen (Niedersachsen)
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The best kept secret of German Metal: TEMPEST! Finally their complete work from 1987 to 1996 as double CD via Golden Core/ZYX.

Release date: 09/23/2016. For Fans of NWOBHM and early Fates Warning.

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Dear press-people, dealers and metalheads,
TEMPEST from Germany are called „The best kept secret of German Metal“ and „Best unsigned metalband from Germany“. Even both is correct they can´t be called unsigned now. On September 23/2016, Golden Core/ZYX (Manilla Road, Wishbone Ash, Jaguar etc.) will release the double CD „Control The World – The Tempest Anthology“ (1987 to 1996) in a beautiful digipak with a thick 24-page booklet featuring photos, memorablia and a new interview with singer Thorsten Dierks. The audio was faithfully restored and (re)mastered by Neudi (Manilla Road, Roxxcalibur etc.).

The double CD contains the rare first 12″ EP from 1987, the three compilation tracks from D&S Records (all highly collectable these days), tracks from both demos, the unreleased 1996-album + several bonus tracks. The older material on CD 1 will be embraced by fans of traditional metal and NWOBHM and then changes step by step to a sound that reminds of early Fates Warning. It is a miracle how this band from the small German village called Schweimke could have been overlooked all these years. For sure this will change after the release of this anthology CD. Underground metalheads might even find a new holy grail here…

Tempest played some shows in the early past (Manilla Road Festival, Up The Hammers Festival). They are ready for interviews or anything else you need.
Stay tuned until September 23/2016! Tempest will blow your mind!
Have a look on NEUDIS TRAILER


X-mas Party


TEMPEST at Facebook

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Der Gig auf dem Manilla Road-Festival rückt immer näher und so wird es Zeit für ein paar Updates.
TEMPEST werden als zweite Band auftreten. Beginn ist um 16.00 Uhr.
Weiterhin wird uns Gründungsmitglied Matthias Weißbrod an der Gitarre unterstützen. Somit spielen wir (fast) mit dem Line-up von 1987.
Manilla Road Drummer „Neudi“, der der vielleicht größte TEMPEST-Fan ist, wird uns bei einem Song (welcher wird noch nicht verraten) an der Schießbude aushelfen; das wird historisch!!!
Für alle die uns mal auf ein Bier oder so treffen wollen: Wir sind schon bei der Warm-up-Party am Freitag den 10.10. vor Ort.

Das endgültige Line-up für’s Festival steht!!!ManillaFlyer 14

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