Hey you, nameless man,

You’re sitting in the city and hold open your hand

You’re begging for a meal

You are a victim of society

The fate was your biggest enemy

You’ve made a bad deal

You drink too much, you smell like shit

And when you’re drunk you fall down and kip

Wherever you are

No home, no bed, no pride, no friend

No one who will give you a helping hand

Love is so far away

I know there’s a place for you

A place for you on earth

I know there’s someone who

Free you from this curse

I know you’ll be strong enough

Strong enough within

With a little help you will win

Hey you, little child

You was born in the darkness never had seen the light

I can hear your cries

You wake up in the morning see the bottles and the dirt

A lovely word you never had heard

You only hear lies

Every day you feel the beating hand

You don’t know an answer you don’t understand

The tries of the one you hate

No one who helps you to escape

No one who stops the Destiny’s rape

But it’s not too late

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