I’m sitting alone at home and I don’t know what’s to do

So I’m watching crimes on TV

I have a glass of wine and I’m feeling so fine at home

A foreigner was beaten down, many people watch and stand around

No one would help him this day

I hear clapping hands that will help those criminals

I can’t change the men and have a glass of wine again

I will not know – the name of this game

I will not see – the evil and the pain

I will not solve – the problems of all men

Somewhere it is war, for me it is much to far

I will not hear the bullets and the cries

My conscience is clean, I’ll spend some money for this men

The world is big and bad, brutal, cruel and mad to men

I only take care for my own little world, my home

There are enough other men who could help to lessen the pain

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