Lonely, dirty sidewalks, fogs creeps down the streets

The moonlight surrounds me I hear the sound of stepping feet

I turn around – around once more – but waste is all I see

I want to go ahead, but he stands beside of me

He’s just a broken creature, my instinct tells just: fear!

He only wants a minute his story I must hear

He’s caged in walls of darkness, the moon is his sun

He’s lonely, but in a cold night there’s no place for him to run

Don’t search for my face in the mirror

My kingdom is the night, ‘cause I’m NOSFERATU’S CHILD

Eternity and blood, he brings death and fright

Disgusted at his moon-struck-live, he wants to do the right

Break out of this black cell, deathlike debris of man

His passion and desire is to see the sun again

His lips smiling peaceful as the fire ball arises

Ashes’s all that’s left of him, rest in peace is the price

Is it real or just a dream, I feel a lonely tear

Now, I’m standing here alone, me and the secret of darkness

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