I see the people on the TV

I know they have money and called V.I.P.

I wanna live in glamour, too

So, this is my question to you

Could you gimme all you money

I need all

Gimme all your money

Don’t you hear my call?

There is a house, I’m calling bank

I’m asking the woman and hold open my hand

She’s laughing ‘bout my question so shrill

So listen this is my only will

My last chance is the horse race track

All my money I have bet

But my fucking horse is much too slow

My money’s gone and now I know

I have gave ‘em all my money

Now I’m poor

I’ve gave ‘em all my money

Oh, I’m such a fool

I have gave ‘em all my money

What a shame

I’ve gave ‘em all my money

I have lost this lousy game

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