You are someone who likes trouble – trouble all the time

You talk ‘bout people you don’t know and you don’t talk fine

I can’t hear your voice no longer, you better stay in hell

Now I tell you my opinion – so listen well

Hey, sucker – shut your mouth now

Watch my finger sign

Hey you, BASTARD – I hope you will believe

Yes, I only want you on your knees

You don’t need a really reason to beat one down

You put you really dirty fingers in every wound

If there is a higher justice you have to pay for all

And I’m not the only one that laughs when you fall

Yeah, let me tell my wishes

It’s not very much

I am digging the grave for you my dear

And you can be sure I’ll spend no tear

Every pretty girl you’re meeting, you wanna touch

You call her “Bitch” or “Pretty Fuck”, yeah you talk too much

I can hear your voice no longer you better go to hell

Yes, I wanna see your back now, no curse for you to stay

Hey sucker, get out of my eyes

Fuck yourself and die

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