The troops of violence reign the streets

The club of hate beats

To destroy dreams is their aim

My dream of freedom and peace

The light of life was taken by the shadow of the swastika

The “German Dream” haunts in their hearts, lets grow the seed of war

Empty phrases are all they need

To do the work for “Mr. Clean”

He is the one who kills and burns

Kills and burns my dreams

The melody they wanna sing is easy to understand

We all must sing and pay with liberty again

I don’t want to be a slave

Fight against the fear it’s not to late

I don’t want to be a slave

So let’s fight – AGAINST THE HATE

Rattling windows displace my heart

Back into past

And I watch the animals

That wanna kill themselves

Our eternal dream is now so far away

We have to sink our heads, we have to obey

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