Someone at the bus stop,

Someone for the train

Just to get away from here,

Or just to end the pain

Someone for a letter,

Someone for a call

Just to get an answer

Or let the curtain fall

Are you waiting for recognition?

Waiting for your destiny?

Waiting for a decision?

Waiting for puberty?

Are you waiting for conversation?

Waiting for legacy?

Waiting for a sensation?

Waiting for anniversary?

We’re all waiting!

Mermaids for drowning sailors,

A riddle to be cracked

A vampire for the darkness,

A ruin to be wrecked

Like a ghost for midnight,

The devil for the souls,

The beginning to be done

Nightingales for the moonlight,

Everybody for the big love

Preacher for the Holy Ghost

And Noah for his dove

The silence to be broken,

A key to be turned around

Finally the sense of life

Is waiting to be found

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