The sand keeps on fallin’, in the hourglass of time
Last breath is coming nearer, it’s the perfect crime

For youth we are surging, cause death brings us fright
Our lives could be taken, by the reaper’s might

The scientists are digging, deep into alchemy
They’re finding a life wire, It’s now reality

The kiss of death is gone
Life-line goes ever on
This battle we had won

No more fear is dieing, we spitting in God’s face
It’s time to pay our bill now, the fox in this chase

The death-angel’s anger, wants our endless cries
The rage of him will rising, now he rolls the dice

…To play God was wrong
So take now…..REAPER’S REVENGE

He reaps away all animals
He reaps away all plants
He creeps inside your dreams
And takes the sleep away

Hunger’s left eternally
Thirst is dieing, too
Never ending tiredness
The nightmare’s going on and on and on

…This war he has won
Wish all should be undone

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